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Smiley Sites
Click here to visit Smiliepedia. Smiliepedia - Smiliepedia is a wiki that discusses and promotes different smiley artists and their works. It's vision is for smiley artists to be properly recognised.
Click here to visit Smileydesign. Smileydesign - A site full of pixel formed smileys and emoticons, free to use for everybody, everywhere. Founded by Enrico "Erni" Gollnow.
Click here to visit Graemlin Creator. Graemlin Creator - Create custom sign-bearing smilies. Supports viewer-defined variables and international characters.
Click here to visit GreenSmilies. GreenSmilies - This site is on a misson to create a lot of green smilies! Because the world of smilies, is not only yellow.
Click here to visit Smellies. Smellies - Here is an amusing set that is anything but ordinary. These saggy "smellies" definitely have a look all their own.
Click here to visit GetSmile. GetSmile - High-quality colorful smileys for your emails, forums and MSN Messenger.
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