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EMPLOYMENT - - - - - - May 2002 - Nov 2007
Graphic Designer, Bravenet Web Services, Inc.
· Designed graphics, icons and animations for web tools such as guestbooks, guestmaps,
   forums, e-cards and counters.
· Created animated GIF and Flash banners for dozens of advertising clients.
· Redesigned Bravenet's knight mascot and produced an animated tour featuring him
   and other original medieval characters.
· Built a website demonstrating each of Bravenet's 20+ web tools.

Nov 1999 - Sep 2001
Graphic Designer, CitX Corp.
· Designed and created new websites for a wide variety of small businesses.
· Responsible for the look and feel of portals for entertainment, gaming, and restaurants.
· Produced brochures, yellow page ads and movie theater slides promoting CitX.

FREELANCE - - - - - - - - October 2015
· Create web site for Perrucci Sound & Design, my brother's custom bass and guitar cab business.

December 2009
Midwest Beads
· Drew a caricature of the owner of a bead supply store.

October 2008
· Made green, red and yellow true/false/legend icons for the urban legends website.

EDUCATION - - - - - - - - Aug 1996 - May 1999
Associate of Arts, Graphic Design Major, Bucks County Community College

June 1996
Pennridge High School

EXPERIENCE - - - - - - - Working with several web design, graphic, and multimedia programs. These include Photoshop,
Paint Shop Pro, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Dreamweaver, PowerPoint, Acrobat and Flash.

Designing print ads, web ads, brochures, movie theater slides, CD/DVD covers, websites,
slide shows, animations, computer games, mascots, characters, logos, flyers and props.

Illustrating with pencils, markers, pen and ink, charcoal, pastels, and paint.

INTERESTS - - - - - - - - Animation
I have created several Flash cartoons starring Cool Dude, an original character, and Five Second Cartoons for those with short attention spans.

I made a PC game titled "Invasion of the Blobs" and a sequel in the '90s, and designed three more using Flash based on racing, Breakout, and The Price is Right's big wheel.

With my brother, we have set up dominoes for "Penn & Teller: BS!" and used thousands of homemade dominoes at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center in Vermont.

REFERENCES - - - - - - - Available upon request.

I can be contacted through my email address: mazeguy5@hotmail.com